A Python package for sonifying astronomical data - turning telescope observations into sound!


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Astronify is under active development. Currently the package can sonify data series and will ultimately grow to encompass a range of sonification functionality.

We welcome feedback and code contributions. Visit us on GitHub at:



We created 3 animations explaining sonification of Astronomy Data.

Sonification Examples

Our current collection of sonified astronomy data. The folder also contains written and narrated explanations of the science behind each sonification.

Feel free to use these recordings, especially for educational purposes!

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Video lecture: How Sonification Deepens our Understanding of the Cosmos and Makes Astronomy More Accessible Podcast: Out of the Blocks- Space Sonification

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Test your ears! Listen to real sonified data and answer questions about what you heard. Playing these games will help us learn how to improve our sonifications.

Level 1 - Flares & Transits

Put on your astronomer hat and see if you can learn information about the universe... using your ears!

Level 2 - Exoplanets!

This more advanced game focuses on different ways of analyzing exoplanet data.