Astronify API

astronify.series Package

Data Series Sonification

This module contains functionality for sonifying data series.


SoniSeries(data[, time_col, val_col])

Class that encapsulates a sonified data series.


Class that encapsulates the data value to pitch function and associated arguments.

astronify.utils Package


data_to_pitch(data_array[, pitch_range, ...])

Map data array to audible pitches in the given range, and apply stretch and scaling as required.

astronify.simulator Package

Data Simulation

This module contains code for creating simulated/test light curves with a variety of signals in them as either an Table, or FITS file. The files are designed to be read by the Astronify software package to use when testing the sonification process.

Author: Scott W. Fleming (


simulated_lc(lc_type[, lc_ofile, lc_length, ...])

Create light curve with specified parameters as a Table, and optionally writes a FITS file with the same information.



Class that holds the default configuration parameters for simulated light curves.